Foam Headphone Cushion


A relaxed calling experience can only be possible when your headphone has a comfortable pair of cushions to support them. Over time, these cushions tend to wear out and a replacement is required to make your headphones new again. Crysendo brings to you Headphone Cushions that are designed to replace your old and worn out earpads. These replacement earpads are made of high-density foam that are super soft and comfortable to wear. Whether worn during long work from home meetings or by agents in call centers, these replacement cushions are guaranteed to offer a clear and comfortable audio experience. 

How to Select the Right Size Cushion?

These headphone earmuffs are not a 'one size fits all'. You need to select the right size cushion based on the size of the original cushion of your headphone. Measure the extreme ends of your earcups from the center with a scale. E.g. 5.5cm on scale = 55mm cushion


Want to know about Cushion Replacement click on the video below :