If your headphone cushions are in an unpleasant condition, replacing them with a set of new replacement earpads is all you need.

With time, ear pads begin to wear down and they don’t provide as much cushioning or grip as they used to. While some people prefer to just throw out the whole headset, all you really need to do is replace the ear cushions 

With extensive use, ear cushion pads start absorbing sweat and dirt. Replacing them with a fresh set of headphone pads is a great way to be more hygienic.

It is very efficient in the long run to invest in a high-quality set of headphones that you take care of by replacing the ear pads than buying a cheap, poor-quality set of headphones every few months.


We have a variety of earpad materials to help you choose according to the comfort level and sound quality you seek.

Our headphone cushion materials include - Protein Leather, PU Leather, Frog Leather, Sheepskin Leather, Velvet and Breathable Fabric.

The ear cushions come with upgraded stitching on the inside seams that keeps them from splitting. Also, you can easily remove these cushions and clean them with a dry cloth to make them dust-free.

High-quality foam within these headphone pads does not flatten easily even if you use your headset regularly, it will retain its cushioning properties every time to offer you ultimate comfort and convenience.

Installation Process:

Our headphone ear cushions come with images and videos that have clearly mentioned instructions to help you with the installation process. We also provide a QR code with each headphone cushion replacement which will direct you towards our ‘Installation Guide’ page.

Don’t let your old, worn out headset cushion hamper your listening experience. Get yourself a new pair of headphone ear pads right away!