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Spiral Cable Protector | Triple Color (3 Pcs) 1.5 Meters | 35+ Available Colours | Cable Cord Charger Protector Saver Winder for iPhone & Android Charging Cables, Earphones

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Electronic devices have become an inseparable part of our lives in recent years. The advancement of technology has made it mandatory for almost everyone to carry or operate different devices like smartphones, headsets, etc. However, you must have often encountered that the charging cables that connect these devices become frayed after regular use. 


To cater to this issue, Crysendo brings to you Spiral Cable Cord Wire Protector that is designed to avoid any damage that may occur due to regular handling, thus ensuring the long life of your loved devices. These protectors not only impart grace but also strength to the fragile cables you use in your daily life. 


A highlighting feature of these Spiral Cable Protectors is that they are made available in 35+ colours that allow you to customize your cord according to your style (just the way you like it!).


For colour customisation, email or contact on +91 90821 61864

Reduces Risk of Cable Damage by 80%

Charging cables are often subjected to rough handling which damages them early. Thankfully, these Crysendo Spiral Cable Protectors cover the entire charging cable which minimizes the risk of fraying and breaking by well over 80%. This improves the life of your charging cables and saves you the hassle of regular replacements.

How do I protect my cables from bending?

Purchase crysendo cable protectors made out of flexible material. Twist or slip the protectors onto the ends of the wire where it meets the connectors to prevent the wire from breaking due to tension and bending. Crysendo cable protectors look like thick plastic spirals and come in a variety of colors.

COLOUR CHOICE: Choose from 35+ available colours


INCREASES CABLE LIFE: Reduces risk of cable damage by over 80%.


COMPATIBILITY: Suitable for all types of cables and cords like charger, earphone, headphones etc.


SPIRAL LENGTH: Each spiral is 1.5 Metres (150 cms) long, enough to cover a single cable.


PACKAGE INCLUDES: 3pcs Crysendo triple colour spiral cable protector.

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