When to Replace Headphone Earpads?

With how often we use our headphones, we tend to not notice just how bad our headphone earpads deteriorate throughout its entire lifespan. The only time it’s highly noticeable is when it becomes irritable to wear and adversely affects the overall sound quality of our headphones.

Some of the most common reasons why you should replace your headphone earpads:
1. Rough Feel & Cracking        2.  Rot and Smell           3. Deformation

The Earpads on the earcups of your headphones can be replaced if they wear down over time. Find out how to attach a new set of ear cushions to your headset to ensure the best acoustic seal and comfort.

You’d think that the best course of action would be to simply replace your headphone pads, and you’d be right! However, you may think this is a scary task, because you’re afraid to damage your headphones.

So we took the liberty of making it even easier for you by creating this ultimate guide that’ll teach you how to properly replace headphone earpads of all shapes and sizes.


Some other tips on how to keep them in shape.

How to Replace Headphone Pads

Replacing your headphone pads aren’t as complicated as you think they are. In fact, the entire process is quite simple and can be done easily in minutes.

Each model is different and that’s why we have created a set of videos to make it easy for you to find out how to replace your cushion.

1. Boat Rockers 400 Ear Cushion Replacement Earpad. 

    Suitable For - Boat Rockers 430, 600, 610 Headphones 
 2. JBL Tune C300SI Ear Cushion Replacement Earpads.

     Suitable For - JBL TUNE E45BT, T250SI, T450BT, T460BT, T500BT,                                         T600BT Headphones.
3. Sennheiser HD 280 pro Headphones Cushion | Replacement Headset Ear Cushion Pads.

 4. Sennheiser  Urbanlite XL Headset Replacement Earpads Cushions.

 5. Sony WH CH500 Ear Cushion | Replacement Headphone Ear Pads.

     Suitable For - Sony WH CH510 Headphones.

 6. Sony MDR 7506 Headphones (70mm, 7cm) Ear Cushion 

     Suitable For - SONY MDR 7806 / MDR V6 / MDR-V7 /                                                                 CD900ST Headphones

 7.Sony WH 1000XM3 Ear Cushion.

 8. Sony WH 1000XM4 Replacement Ear pads.

9. Boat Rockers 370 Ear Cushion Replacement.

    Suitable For - Boat Rockers 430 / 600 / 400 / 610 Headphones


10. Jabraa Move Wireless Headset Ear Cushion Replacement Earpad 


 11. Marshall Major II Cushion Cover Ear Cups.

12.Marshall Major 3 Ear Cushion Replacement Earpad.

13. Beats Studio 2 Wireless Headphone ear cushions.

      Suitable For - Beat Studio 3.

14. JBL E55BT Protein Leather & Memory Foam Headphone Ear Pad

 15. Razer Kraken Pro V2 Ear Cushion Replacement Earpad

 16. Skulcandy Hesh 2 Replacement Earpads

17 .Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones Cushion

18. Boat Rockers 510 Cushion Pads

      Suitable For - Boat Rockers 518 Headphones.

 19. JBL Tune 500 / 600 / 600 BTNC Headset Replacement Ear Cushion.

       Suitable For - JBL TUNE 600 / 600 BTNC Headphones.

20.. ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder Cushion pads.
Headphone Cushion Compatible with ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder Headphone Cushions | Replacement Headphones Earpads | Protein Leather & Memory Foam Headphone Ear Cushion Cover Earpads (Black)

21.. Bose NC700 Cushion pads.

Headphone Cushion for Bose NC700 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones | Bose NC700 Ear Cushions Softer Leather & Memory Foam Extra Durable Ear Cups (Black)    

We have different types of headphone earpads.

  1. Leather Cushions.   

                          A unique combination of memory foam and protein leather is used to design these earpads which makes them an easy fit on your headset. The memory foam offers good sound insulation and is easy to clean as well. You can easily remove these cushions and clean them with a dry cloth to make them dust-free. 

    2. Frog Leather Cushions.

                              The replacement ear pads are made of high-quality memory foam and frog leather with upgraded stitching on the inside seams of each earpad to prevent them from splitting.

      3. Velvet Cushions.

                            The velvet fabric is soft and almost fuzzy to the touch, making it super comfortable to wear. Memory foam enhances noise blocking to provide a perfect audio experience. Smooth surfaces will not flatten overtime or cause discomfort. Feels better than your original earpads.

      4. Extra Thick Leather V2.0

                            The extra-thick memory foam from which these earpads are made does not get flattened very easily. Even if you use your headset regularly, the memory foam will retain its cushioning properties every time to offer you ultimate comfort and convenience